Q1 - When do foundations crack?

A - Typically occurs within 30 days of the concrete curing process. Usually a very simple repair. However, in combination with other signs could be a more serious sign of settlement.
Q2 - Why should I repair it now, when it isn't leaking?

A - The sooner a repair is made, the lower the repair expenses, polyurethane foam can be injected as opposed to more expensive and extensive methods
Q3 - Does the repair work properly even in the winter cold months?

A - With our cold weather cure process we are able to properly repair a cracked foundation anytime of year.
Q4 - How can I fix a crack in my foundation walls?

A - If the foundation walls are a poured concrete, then concrete injection sealing is the best way to fix a crack and it comes with a 25 year guarantee. Holes are drilled to the center of the crack and a rubberized urethane is injected. The urethane expands 20 times its volume and the void is filled.
Q5 - Can block foundations be injected?

A - No, block foundations have two options for repair:
1- Excavate the exterior and properly waterproof from the positive side of the foundation with a 2 step waterproofing technique.
2- Install interior weeping tile system with water redirection from the negative side of the foundation.